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An inspiring gourmet wine brand is coming out to the market

perfer-almaazul-logo-100x48An inspiring wine brand is about to come to the market in a few weeks time. Following a period of hard-work with label designing, packaging selection, creation of marketing materials and brand’s website, MX2 GLOBAL is happy to announce the upcoming launchment of a revolutionary wine brand to the market.

Innovation is at the forefront of Spanish gastronomy, and sooner or later the same spirit had to conquire the traditional wine sector.

For the time being we can only show you our logo, but we can surely foresee that our new wine brand will greatly surprise you.

Pay attention to our communications within the next few weeks and stay up-to-date on the latest product trends with MX2 GLOBAL.


Focus on Valdepeñas wines

D.O. Valdepeñas logoValdepeñas wines

Some of our preferred partners in wine business are traditional wineries located in the Spanish region of Castilla la Mancha. This productive area is one of the largest wine-making region in the world, with over 300.000 hectares of vineyards in total and 165.000 hectares certified to produce wines with PDO – Denominacion de Origen (DO).


Spanish wines: Private Label Example

private label wineMAGDALENA is a good example of MX2 GLOBAL capabilities on private label wines. MAGDALENA selection includes both classic Crianza wines and tailor-made semi-sweet wines, with a focus on Asia Pacific consumer preferences.


Spanish wines prices 2015 – MX2 GLOBAL – Download PDF

made in spain, spanish wines, mx2 globalMX2 GLOBAL offers a full selection of Spanish wines from different Designations of Origin (D.O.)

Our product offering ranges from internationally renowned wines from La Rioja, Rueda or Ribera Del Duero, to more affordable options with excellent quality-price ratio like Valdepeñas wines.


Check below our stunning prices for Spanish wines

See below our EXW prices for Spanish wines in Bag-in-Box and glass bottles, available for wholesale only. Please feel free to contact us should you are interested:


Another discovery for U.S. wine lovers: Rueda DOP Spanish wines

shutterstock_140441932We wanted to share the latest article on Spanish wines from FOODSfromSPAIN.com.


Spanish Sangria or Portuguese, but nothing from elsewhere

made in spain, spanish wines, mx2 globalSpanish Sangría: The European Parliament passed last Tuesday in Strasbourg a motion to regulate the labeling for Sangria, the popular Spanish and Portuguese sweet red wine. Typical Sangria recipe differs depending on the area of Spain or Portugal you consult, and therefore the ruling focuses on the origin rather than on definitions of Sangria.


Export figures of Spanish wines

According to the latest market information released by OeMv (Spanish Market Regulator) exports of Spanish wine grew by 11,9% in 2012, reaching 2.500 million Euros. Despite the drop in sales caused by the local recession and the rise in prices, last year it was regarded as a good year for wine export in Spain.


Castilla y Leon wines with designation of origin

Castilla y Leon wines:

In previous posts we analyzed exports data of Spanish wine sector, making a clear difference between Spanish wines with designation of origin and without D.O. . Regions producing wines with a clear added value differentiate their wines from others with lower quality by creating Designations of Origin.


Aragon wines with designation of origin

Aragon is one of the Spanish provinces well known for owning some of the finest wine designations of origin in Spain. It possesses extensive wine lands carefully looked after for hundreds of years, and some of its wines are ranked among the most characteristic of Spain.