FRESH CHICKEN EGGS SUPPLIERHappy 2016! We wish you a year full of personal and professional success.

On our side, business keeps going and the first container of chicken eggs for UN was loaded today, with destination to Ivory Coast. We export competitive brown or white chicken eggs to the rest of the world in a regular basis, with a shelf-life of up to 6 months and keeping storage at 4ºC.

Our wide product range and service continue convincing our global UN Vendors, and along with them, United Nations procurement departments in different African Missions.

United Nations is our most demanding client in terms of quality certifications, laboratory tests required (microbiological, salmonella…), delivery deadlines, reporting, labeling and packaging indications… and a high level of professionalism is needed to meet UN standards, reason why we are especially satisfied with our reliable network of suppliers.

We are happy to supply our United Nation soldiers with high-quality products at competitive prices, and will continue doing it over 2016.

Feel free to contact us at for pricing information regarding chicken eggs or other food and wine products.