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OFFER: SPANISH ORANGES ‘Valencia late’ to export

oranges- Valencia late offerDear importers,

We are in the last weeks of the Spanish orange season, and this is a good opportunity to secure your last containers of Spanish high-quality ‘Valencia late’ variety, one of the sweetest of the season and a well-performing orange during long shipments.Feel free to contact us at info@mx2global.com if you are interested in the following offer:Oranges ‘Valencia late’

Origin: Spain

Price Ex Work (FOT) Sevilla (Spain) for weeks 19-20 =0,98 €/kg.

Category 1, sizes 50/60/70/80/90 in wooden boxes.

15 kgs x 80 wooden boxes = 1 pallet = 1200 kgs net weight.

Container 40 ft = 21 pallets x 1200 kgs = 25.200 kgs.

Thank you for your attention and hope to speak soon!

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