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Let us share an article about MX2 GLOBAL published today by Foods & Wines from Spain‘  titled: «Spanish eggs to Somalia and Kenya«


The article explains the first export in history of Spanish chicken eggs to Somalia and Kenya, an agreement recently arranged by MX2 GLOBAL.

Here is a copy of the Article:



Spanish Chicken Eggs To Somalia and Kenya

13 May 2016

On March 13th, 2016, the first million of Spanish eggs started its pioneer trip to Somalia and Kenya divided in two 40’HC Reefer containers, transported at 4ºC and marked with a shelf-life of 6 months.

An agreement closed with the UN Peace Missions made possible the export of the first shipment of Spanish eggs to these countries

Author: Almudena Martín Rueda/©ICEXCHICKEN EGGS

MX2 Global is a Spanish exporter of food and wines promoting transactions directly between its Spanish suppliers and international importers with different client profiles. One of the regular food export activities for MX2 GLOBAL is the Military Supply Business, in which support to UN Peace Missions in Africa plays a key role for a few years now. In this context, MX2 Global recently closed a distribution agreement to fulfill the requirements of high-quality and price-competitive chicken eggs coming for the UN Mission in Somalia, and the eggs had to be delivered to warehouses in Somalia and Kenya.

For this transaction, MX2 Global partnered with a trusted Spanish leading egg production and distribution company based in the region of Castile-La Mancha. With over 5 decades of experience, their facilities are equiped with the latest technology and their production capacity is 2 million of high-quality chicken eggs per day. Mariano de Luna, owner of MX2 Global, said: «We export their eggs to Ivory Coast and Liberia for the past years and they are fully reliable. A great team of dedicated professionals carefully ensure that the production and distribution of chicken eggs complies with the highest international standards. Another reason for our partnership is that they fully understand the international markets and have succeeded to offer chicken eggs with competitive prices in the international arena while securing the high quality of their Spanish eggs. With the back well-covered on the supply of chicken eggs, I can concentrate on supporting my clients’ needs in other food products.»

MX2 Global was created 4 years ago as a platform which  maintains partnerships with Spanish suppliers of food and wines, always sourcing directly from the manufacturer in bulk or retail packaging.


Foods & Wines from Spain is the official website of ICEX and it is meant for the international promotion of Spanish Foods & Wines.

ICEX (Instituto de Comercio Español) is the Spanish Official public organism in charge of the foreign promotion of Spanish companies and products.

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