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Mercado de Aceite de oliva y Aceitunas Ene’16: descargue informe GRATIS

OLIVE OIL AND TABLE OLIVES SUPPLIER - MX2 GLOBALAceite de oliva y aceituna de mesa: informe de mercado.

Descargue gratis el último informe sobre el mercado oleícola publicado en Enero 2016 por el Consejo Oleícola Internacional (COI), incluyendo los siguientes contenidos:


Let us share our prices for Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100% Spanish)

ECOLOGIC ORGANIC OLIVE OIL - MX2 GLOBALOur Organic/bio Extra virgin olive oil is produced only after Organic Agriculture has taken place, which is meticulously respectful with environment, optimizing natural resources and avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals in soils and oils.


Taste our lifestyle: a new educative website about how to enjoy Spanish Olive Oils

shutterstock_128960465TasteourLifestyle.com is a new website aiming to enhance the international scope of Spanish olive oils. From Mx2 Trading, we strongly recommend our readers to take a look at this interesting website. Visit the website in the following link: www.tasteourlifestyle.com  Best regards!


Olive Oil: International Olive Council – February 2014 Newsletter

best selection of olive oilOlive Oil: Dear market insiders, let us share a copy of the latest release of the IOC Newsletter for the month of February 2014.


Olive Oil: Spain Sets New Record for Olive Oil Exports 1Q14

some bottles of olive oil isolated on a white backgroundOlive Oil: As per the following article by our friends from THE OLIVE OIL TIMES, Spain continues to enjoy stronger foreign and domestic demand for its olive oil, with new figures showing both are at record levels. Go to article We are happy to make our contribution to such great figures! Thank you for trusting us.


Organic olive oil: OLV in TOP TEN Award at BIOFACH 2014

Organic olive oil: Our repreOLV - ORGANIC OLIVE OIL PICTUREsented Spanish brand of organic extra virgin olive oil ‘OLV’ has been granted with another international award. This time, OLV has been chosen by the consumers as the 5th-Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil at BIOFACH 2014. OLV - BIOFACH 2014 AWARD - ORGANIC OLIVE OIL PICTUREBIOFACH is one of the most important awards within the organic olive oils arena, and OLV was ranked first among more than 100 olive oils from all over the world. An important characteristic of BIOFACH is that the winners are selected directly by the consumers. Back in April 2013, OLV was awarded with the Gold Medal at Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition, considering OLV as the best medium organic EVOO in the Northern Hemisphere. MX2 GLOBAL and OLV will jointly attend BIOFACH 2014 in Baltimore (US) during the month of September 2014. We openly invite all international ‘olive oil lovers’ to come by our stand and taste the reasons behind the success of OLV. OLV - BIOFACH 2014 - ORGANIC OLIVE OIL PICTURE  Learn more about OLV


Spanish Olive Oil: IOO – January 2014 Newsletter

some bottles of olive oil isolated on a white backgroundLet us share the January 2014 release of the INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL COUNCIL’s Newsletter.


We hope you enjoy the reading!


Spanish Olive Oil Sector – July results: Current stocks cover expected demand until new harvest starts

some bottles of olive oil isolated on a white backgroundThe Spanish Olive Oil Agency (in Spanish, Agencia para el Aceite de Oliva) released yesterday the macroeconomic data of the Spanish olive oil sector as per July 31st (10-months crop year):

The following is a recollection of the main figures included in the report:


Market Update: Spanish olive oil sector as of 30th of June 2013

some bottles of olive oil isolated on a white background

The Spanish Olive Oil Agency (AAO in its Spanish acronym) released yesterday the macroeconomic data driving the Spanish olive oil sector as of June 30th (9-months crop year):